Aluminium T-Slot profile 40x40-90



Weight: 1.67 kg/m
Max Length: 6000mm
Ixy: 8.82 cm4
Wxy: 4.41 cm3
A: 6.18 cm2

40x40-90 T-slot extrusion profile overview


Our 40 Series aluminium extruded profile frame work is a more rigid version of our T-slot profile. Weighing slightly more than our 30 series profiles, this is the back bone of most of our projects. Easily fixed and cut, the 40 Series is perfect for all large projects or just simply for the security in its increased rigidity.

Our 6106/T6 Aluminium T-slot profiles are provided with longitudinal grooves which can be used in conjuction with connecting elements and can also perform a whole range of additional functions. All profiles have been designed to deliver maximum strength for the material used. Natural anodised finish is resistant to scratching and corrosion. Uniform modular dimensions mean that the connecting elements and accessories are fully interchangeable.

Joining Tips (Force):

1. For lower load application use a combination of our 30 and 40 series aluminium profiles
2. Where possible, the vertical profiles should extend through the entire height
3. Where required, profiles should be assembled so that the larger section dimension opposes the load in order to achieve vertical strength.