Adjustable Tilt Shelves

Adjustable Tilt Shelves

If you have existing shelves that you require to be tilted, look no further. Our tilt brackets are compatible with all of our aluminium profiles and are easily retrofitted to your shelf to ensure complete modularity. All tilt brackets and shelves are compatible with both our ErgoStyle and ErgoMan ranges.

Compatibility: To suit all ErgoStyle and ErgoMan shelves. Can be retrofitted to all existing shelving units
ErgoStyle 96
ErgoStyle 126
ErgoStyle 128 & ErgoMan 128
ErgoStyle 168 & ErgoMan 168
ErgoStyle 188 & ErgoMan 188


Adjustable Tilt Shelf
(Light duty purposes only)

Material: 7.5mm Decor Wood with 30 series aluminium framing

Colour: Silver Grey

Parts Required:

Tilt Bracket
p/n: T-BRK

L52/M6x16 Adjustable Ratchet Handle
p/n: HAN-616-52R